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50 pounds Gone!!

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I went to the Doctor yesterday. I weighed in @ 188... WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!

Which means, I have lost 50 pounds...

I did get a fill as well. The last 4 weeks I have had no restriction and have had to really pay close attention

to the amount of food I eat. I am good with the food issue, I have also been at the gym working out

like a crazy woman. :lb25: It is hard work, but well worth it.

Also was very happy to have my blood pressure down to a normal level too.

It has been high since I put on so much weight and losing this weight so far has helped tremendously... :yahoo:

Now the better news, I pulled out my old size 12 jeans that were up in the garage storage area and...

I was able to get 4 pairs of jeans on. :party2:

(I have still more to fit into waiting for the extra weight-loss.)

So that is my news, oh, also I am going on vacation for the next 11 days..

anyone else have good news going on?

Hugs, Kristi

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Congrats that is fantastic! And what a great feeling when you can go shopping in your closet huh! I had that happen a while back and it was GREAT!

I have a cardiologist appt in a week or so and I am excited to see how my stats have changed. Haven't been there since before I was banded so i'm excited to see my progress. Gonna have them to a full round of bloodwork too.

Lots of great NSV's as well as SV's!!!!!! Keep up the great work!!!!!!!!!

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Hey Kristi!

Congratuations!! There is nothing like having your weight taken at your doctor's office and have it match what you think you're seeing at home. For me, it's a validation that I wasn't dreaming when I saw that number on my own scale. Keep up the good work! :)

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