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I just wanted to say to everyone that this is an awsome site! I live in VA and the support groups I have been told to use have not been nearly as helpful as this site is. You all seem to be open, honest and put it all out there! Real questions, real situations, real feedback!

I had my surgery on 7/22/09. I took me two years to get to that final decision, but I made it, and I am glad I did. BUT..through my doctor, two weeks post op I am to consume 90g of protein a day - liquid restriction. 2nd two weeks - puree, still maintaing my 90g protein.

My issue is that, although my body went through the trauma of surgery, two days post-op I am physically starving. Day 5/6, I had to make myself eat, 7-starving, and now..I cannot get myself to eat.

During my "starving days", I had spoken to a nurse and she suggested very soft foods to try and fill myself, and I did. It helped, a little.

Did anybody else go through this roller coaster? I am just so frustrated and at a loss. I have my first appointment with my doc on Thursday - but this is nuts.


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Unfortunately you are going thru the very unfun part of being banded. The good news is that this time will pass and you will eventually progress to the point of eating normal foods again and seeing great progress. Just do the absolute best you can during this time and definitely make sure you are staying hydrated. I know I didn't get in all the required protein while I was on liquids, but once I was able to eat real food the rules about protein were adhered to.

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