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Back! Down in Pounds - Fill and then Unfill

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I am officially down 17 pounds from where I started. I'm really excited about this. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

I went Thursday and had a fill - the doctor decided to fill more because I wasn't progressing as he would like. I was game. He filled with one cc and then added another half.

I left drinking my water (because I haven't had one problem with a fill so far) and was back in the office in less than thirty minutes - I couldn't even swallow spit I was so tight. I couldn't drink the water - it was an AWFUL feeling. Back on the patient table, he took out about .5 cc and I could swallow. He told me that I would be much tighter than I ever have - be gentle with myself.

Boy have I!!

Most days I don't think I'm even consuming more than 700 calories - but I'm not hungry. I'm taking my vitamins and really noticing what my choices are when it comes to eating. The calories I do consume HAVE to count.

So - I go back in two weeks just so we can weigh again and see where we stand. I really do like having a doctor who is so involved. He had the lapband surgery 3 years ago and I just really appreciate his enthusiasm for my well being too.

So - band is doing well - I am doing well - it is all wonderful!

Hope all of you are healthy and happy and rocking your way to the healthy yous that you're hoping for!

- Simone

OH! I forgot to add - some friends of mine and I have joined this site called fatbet.net where you bet each other to see who can lose more weight. I'm going to win this and consider that money clothes money for the clothes I'll have to buy soon!

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