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First frew bits always get stuck

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Ok, well first of all, "hello". I know I haven't been around much. Very happy and busy :) I am coming to the conclusion that my band has been too tight since my 2nd fill in December. I was too busy (or maybe lazy..lol) to make the drive down to TJ and get an unfill and was really afraid of doing to fill "jig" and unfilling too much and needing another fill. Anywho...weight loss has been sloooooooooooooooooow but sure. I'm down 35lbs total since my surgery back in Nov.08. I don't think I'm too tight anymore though, as I'm taking in enough calories per day.

I just made my first trip "home" to my moms since my band and it was amazing. I ate what I wanted when I wanted and only gained 1lb for the week...lol Not bad because I usually put on at least 8 or 10 while I"m there.

Ok, now my main question. I notice that almost every time I eat the first few bites get stuck. (this has been going on since I got my second fill) No matter how much I chew or what I eat it gets stuck. I have to get up and walk around and then I burp or hiccup and then I can eat the rest of my meal with no problem. I only notice it so much now because I don't think the band is too right anymore because the rest of the meal is fine. This is annoying because I have to get up and walk no matter where I'm at and people must think I'm crazy....lol.

Anyone else have this issue???

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I have had that happen a time or two. Usually if I stop as soon as I feel it then it will pass and I seem to be able to go back to eating with no problem. I wonder why it does that? Ahh the joys of the band huh!

Glad to have you back in don't be a stranger! :)

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Hi Cindy!

This has happened to me at dinner more often than I care to admit. On another thread we were going back and forth about whether it could be from not eating lunch. At home it is not much of an issue, my gang just watches me pace around. When I go out, I always order hot tea so I can have just a couple of sips to work some magic in there. (Yes, this is against lapband rules, but it sure helps when out with a group).

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