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What is your preferred method of getting from San Diego Airport to Tijuana?  

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  1. 1. What is your preferred method of getting from San Diego Airport to Tijuana?

    • Rent a car and make the drive across the border.
    • Bus to Trolley, Trolley to Border, then Taxi to the center.
    • Have the center's driver pick you up and take you there/back.
    • Taxi to the border, then another taxi to the center.
    • Drive myself to the border in my car, then taxi to the center.
    • Don't go to Tijuana for fills and stay in the US with a doctor.

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If you call Rene and send him your reservations and times, he will set up a driver to pick you up at the airport and take you back for your return flight. He will also make the hotel reservations for you if you want to stay in Mexico overnight. He is so helpful and will answer any question you have. I have not done this on my own yet but will let you know how it works out. We saw people getting out of cabs and running to get in this long line to cross over the border. We drove right thru. I think it will be worth the cost to me. The guard ask what we were bringing back and I said I just had surgery and we did not shop and he let us go right thru. Hope that works again!!! :D

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I love having the center's driver take me; however, I can't really justify the cost unless I'm sharing with someone. It's cheaper to rent from Avis if you're only doing a day trip. However, it's cheaper to pay the driver if you can share with someone flying in and out on the same schedule. It's also much less stressful.

The trolley is also very easy from what I understand, just slower. When I want to get in and out the same day, I don't want to waste 2 hours on the trolley.

Jennifer in AZ

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Hi everyone!  Just wanted to add this poll and get some conversations started here.  This is a wonderful site that can be very useful to us all!

Hi all,

Just went to TJ for a fill two days ago. It is much CHEAPER to do the BUS/TROLLEY/CAB route and it doesn't take too much more time either. The bus and trolley combined are $2.50 and a cab is only $5.00 plus $1.00 tip. That is only $8.50 each way. The shuttle is $55.00 each way plus tip. OUCH!

Don't have time now but if you would like more info just ask away. It is alittle intimidating the first time...mostly because I don't know San Diego or TJ but, it really is quite easy and I love to SAVE money especially if you have already paid alot for your flight to get there.

Amy in Utah


218/168/138 =o)

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