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Bad Shoulder Pain BACK! 7 Months Post Op - Is this weird?

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I had bad shoulder pain for about a month after my surgery and then it subsided. Since then I might get a bit of shoulder pain if I ate too much or if I ate something really cold like ice cream but it was always managable and not too bad.

Well the last 2 weeks my shoulder pain is back and it is bad like I just had surgery all over again. This is so weird to me since I haven't had any bad pains in like 6 months!

It has been my TOM so I am wondering if I maybe have some water retention around the nerve damage or something but man it HURTS! And most of the time if I eat something it goes away, I am going to be one miserable puppy if this continues, do you think I should call OCC or something? Nothing else is hurting and I haven't been PB'ing or anything lately.

Has this happened to anyone else?

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I would go to a dr because I had pain like that and it was my gallbladder... Our bodies do funny things...


I have never thought about this! I have sholder pain since being banded when I get "hungry" or so I thought????????I have had a problem for the last month or so with (this is going to be really gross, sorry) but my poop being REALLY green. I have googled and googled and they say it can be from it passing really quick through our bodies or from food coloring, which is not my problem. I just wonder if I dont have a gallbladder issue?


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Ah man, I never even thought about it being my gallbladder! I am going to go have it checked out this week, it most likely is that. My mom was telling me that it is almost a guarantee that I will have problems with it because I am female, overweight, have had a child and it is genetic and all the women in my family have had to have theirs out after their 1st baby.

I was really hoping to avoid another operation this year but the pain is unbearable and if that is what it is then out it comes...

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I have been banded for almost 7 months now, I just started getting really really bad gas pains everytime I eat anything gassy. Well needless to say my mom did a bit of research and discovered that a lot of banders get gas pains after 7-9 months. Some complain about just having very bad stomach aches (which is what I have) to the more serious pains in the shoulder and chest area. This might not be gas pains but I would try some Gas-X, try taking 2 pills (that is what I use) and it usually goes away after 20 minutes. When I got my band done there was a girl there that had a very horrible pain in her shoulder and she talked to Dr. O and he said it was gas that it will go away. I remember her saying she had it for about 3 weeks and it hurt like hell.

I would def give Gas-x a try and see if it helps, when I had these really bad stomach aches before I started taking gas-x I thought there is no way these pains are from gas but sure enough 20 minutes later the stomach aches was gone.

Hope this helps, good luck =)

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