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Dolittle goes to the OCC dentist


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I just got home from my recent visit to TJ. I wanted to tell everyone about how great the dental services are at the OCC. OMG, that Dr. Marisol is awesome. First,, let me tell you that I originaly was going to go to Cosmed for my own plastic surgery needs and by just by fate I had a crown come off this summer and my local dentist said I was going to need a root canal. So I figured,, what the hell, I just might try the dentist out at the OCC and see how that goes. So I canceled my root canal here at home and made a dental appointment at the OCC. I scheduled myself 4 days in TJ, a kind of 3 for 1 trip, Cosmed, have my band checked out by Dr. So and Dr. Martinez and have dental work. On Tuesday when I arrived, I went to the OCC and straight into the denist's chair. Dr. Marisol worked all day on my teeth. I had to have one root canal and two crowns with posts and build up. She worked her tail off, suprisingly she didn't want anything to be imperfect. Let me tell you,, she's a perfectionist, in a good way. I was impressed and amazed. Since crowns have to be made by a dental lab, we were going to finish my dental work on Friday. Wednesday I had a goof off day, I kind of hung around the OCC and did some forum stuff and chatted with Dr. Ortiz. I had my band checked and after two and a half years everything still is A-OK. I also went and hung out with Fransisco the the van driver and helped him the rest of the day. I made several trips across the border with him and we picked up new arriving patients. That was fun, I met several nice girls from Canada and a nice family from the Bahamas. Fransisco is the bomb, we had a good time. Thursday was my scheduled appointment at Cosmed, but that wasn't till the afternoon. Thursday morning I hung around the OCC and talked to new patients and answered band questions. The appointment at Cosmed went well, I had to have a couple little spots on my LBL fixed, where a couple internal stitches were wanting to migrate out. Dr. Quiroz took about 10 minutes to fix those and we talked about future PS proceedures. Dr. Quiroz's coordinator Joyce and I went over to the new Cosmed clinic and checked that out. I took a bunch of pictures and it's going to be awesome when they get it done and open. Friday morning it was back to the OCC to finish up my dental work. Dr. Marisol fitted my new crowns and finished up. I had scheduled my departure fight for 5:45pm that afternoon, it was perfect timing. I can say if your scheduled to come to the OCC for a fill or whatever,, check out the dental services. The OCC has some great prices and Dr. Marisol is a GREAT dentist.


Dr. Marisol Barajas

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