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18 August


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Welp...I said good, bad or ugly I was gonna post and yesterday definitely qualifies as ugly! But here we go...I seriously was so busy I had no time to eat and literally grazed all day, so i'm not even classifying these by meal!

* 1/4 of a slim fast shake. Forgot my breakfast at home so bought one man I forgot how rank those are couldn't finish it!

* Chicken & stars soup (1 cup)

* 5 town house crackers

* 1 cheese stick

* 1 small McFlurry ate the whole damn thing

* Another cheese stick

* Chips & salsa and one chicken & cheese enchilada and beans

* Wine

Exercise - at work I had to load 7,000 spiral notebooks off a truck onto a cart and then move them to another location. Then had to deliver a bunch of them to various locations. So yesterday I did not do any other working out! Man, my arms are sore today!

Water - I was terrible got in 20oz if i'm lucky

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Hi Shelby!

Just seen that you were doing this...GREAT IDEA! I love seeing what everyone is doing!

B- Smoothie King Shake (gladiator) 42 grams protien and 180-190 Calories

S- Bananna

L- Baby Organic Spinach Leaves with 1/4 cups Real Bacon Bits and with Vingerate Dressing, 1/2 cups cottage cheese and three strawberrys

S- South beach diet Protien Bar -180 calories 12 grams protien

D - 3 oz Steak, Plain Bake potatoe and a little bit of salad

H2O not real good.... 30 oz

No Exercise yesterday... :-(

Shelby, how many calories are you doing a day?


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Hey there! I agree I really like to see what others eat to get ideas so i'm hoping others will join in! I get in funks and eat the same thing every day.

This week for me my calories are a bit lower. I'm trying to kick start my weight loss again and do i'm doing kind of a modified version of our pre op diet. So far it is working well i've lost almost 2lbs in 3 days so i'll take that! Usually i'm around 1,000-1,500 calories because I am training for a 5k and my NP really wants me to up that. But this week i'm much lower.

Yesterday I didn't post calories b/c it was all over the place and I just didn't have time to count them, but most days i'll have that on mine.

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