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19 August


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B: Light apple juice

L: cottage cheese, hard boiled egg whites, and crackers

S: nibbled more on lunch that didn't get eaten before

S: One snack sized krackel bar - couldn't resist! :)

D: 2 slices of thin crust cheese pizza

S: One pinwheel - made them for a meeting tomorrow and had to test one out!

Exercise - ran on the treadmill for 4 miles

Water (x=8oz): X X X X X

Calories so far: 850 - again not good but i'm just not hungry.

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B: 3 Skinny fish sticks

L: 1 Chicken tender with ranch and 1 slice of cheese

S: 100 calorie pack

D: 3 T. Refried beans with cheese and sour cream

(For some reason I can only eat about 2 bites of other foods and I am done. This is why I am eating chicken tenders and fish sticks. I can actually get a few of them down)

64 oz. of Crystal light and water

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Hi Guys!

Ok...Here I go, being honest about this one!

B- Starbucks - Carmel Frap...double blended and did not ever get it light....eeekkk! Then ate oatmeal with nuts...

L- Turkey Burger (homemade) crumbled over Baby Spinach leaves with 2 lbs of Vingerate dressing...1/2 cup cottage cheese and four strawberrys.

S-Protien Bar

S Again....Two plums

D..Four shimp wrapped in 1/2 peice of bacon each with 2 tbls of brown rice......

Drank 1 20 oz glass of water with fresh squeezed lemon (YUCK)... :-) but is suppose to be good for you!

Drank 2 20 oz with crystal light drop in

Did P90X for 54+ minutes - Back and Arms....Did not do the AB Ripper afterwards... :-(

I did ok all day but did REALLY bad with the Frap...! LOADED with calories and Sugar!


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I am not a huge oatmeal fan, but feel I should try it again. A lady at work like it mushy and sweet so she adds chocolate soy milk to it...kinda sounds good.

Hi Ashley!

I add a little milk with two splenda packets and some almonds to mine. I dont make mine real thick. It is VERY good!


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