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20 August


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B: EAS protein shake (about 1/2)

L: Chips and cheese, one cheese enchilada and beans

S: 5 townhouse crackers and two pinwheels I made for a meeting tonight

D: Pinwheels and chex mix

Calories so far: 900

Exercise: None tonight i'm taking a rest day. My body is hurting i've been working a lot so I need to rest

Water: X X X

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He talked to me about nutrition, what not to eat, what vitamins to take, he gave me a goal of 8 lbs a month, and wants to see my monthly, even if I don't get a fill.

Like everyone previous to this, welcome back. How nice to find a doctor so close by that is really involved with what you are doing.

I do not happen to live anywhere close to a doctor that specializes in the lapband. Would you be willing to share what you have learned from him?

Or maybe pm me.


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Shelby, What a great idea to post your daily intake. I have wanted someone to do this just so that I can get my head back in gear.

P.O. Please ignore the previous post from me. I was experimenting with the quote feature, and then I couln't figure out how to delete it.


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B coffee with ESA protein 160 cal 27 g protein

S oat meal 10 g protein Cal ?100

L protein shake 160 cals

S 1/3 turkey patty cals 100 protein 10g

D 3 ruffles potatoe chips 100 cals?

1/2 pc of pizza ate the toppings 200 cals?

7 grapes 40 cals

1 fruit snack I took from my kid 20 cals

40 oz of water

1 beer 65 cal

Bad day for water.

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Hi Guys!

B- I had protien Bar and a Banana....180 for the bar and around 110 for the Banana

S-Coffee, Protien Shake made with water....First time to try, not to bad! 110 caloires

L- I had one shimp wrapped in a half peice of bacon...about a table spoon of cottage cheese and ate about half a turkery patty....Two plums I would say bout 300 calories???

S- Protien Bar and 6 seasoned crackers ..260 caloires????

D- 3 oz of Salmon, 1/2 cups of Bushes pinto beans and 1 1/2 plums, one of just too ripe! 375 calories

Calories....1300 +....higher than I thought I would be!

around 55-60 oz of water....

No exercise, had to take the kids to meet the teacher tonight!


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What are pinwheels?

Pinwheels are an appetizer. There are lots of recipes for them, but this is what I do:

Mix some light cream cheese and salsa together and put it on a low calorie tortilia The put some shredded cheese on it. Then you wrap it tight and put it in the fridge for a couple hours. Then after it is nice and cold you cut them into about 1 inch pieces. Not the most healthy thing but easy and good. Some folks put olives in them and other stuff like crab meat, but I keep mine simple. If I did the math right they are 30 calories per slice, so not too terrible.

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