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Lap-Band Card

Lap-Band Card  

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Just wanted to share and get some bandito feedback.

I used my card at SOUPLANTATION (buffet soup and salad place, I was on full liquids) the other day! I got the kid's price $4.99 instead of $8.99!

That was my first time using it.

I didn't think I would use it at all - because most kids meals are really fatty and junky like chicken tenders and corndogs - but buffets are a whole other matter!

I don't mind going for child's price!

Pretty cool! Thanks OCC for a great idea!

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ooh! Sounds interesting! I'd love to learn more about this card as well. I hope it's pretty discreet and not like, "I know I look big, but I got banded & will not eat much" kinda thing. :D Anyone have more insight on it?



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I'm getting the idea that the card is something that explains you have a band and will therefore be eating smaller portions - is that correct? I'm curious to know, what is the wording exactly, and how many places accept it? Sounds like a great perk! :D

The card was issued to me by OCC. I think it's a great idea just as a medical card alone! It has my picture and name explains simply that I have a lap band and this card entitles me to order children's portions.

I like that the card is kind of bossy, like the restaurant doesn't have a choice - even though they are not required by any means to accept it. But it's nice to hear that many restaurants do!

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I was given a card from my doc at the Naval hospital and I have to fill it out.

Mine is a little more discreet since it shows no picture.

However I have not had to use it yet. Infact, I probably should put it in my wallet just in case.

I have been able to go to Ihop or coco's and they let me eat either off senior menu or childrens menus.

Only once did I have someone tell me I couldn't, although, after explaining that I had the band, they went to get their manager and by that point we

were so ticked off by the attitude in the first place, we walked out. I haven't been back to that coco's since.

The good news is that although I usually do not eat out, at least at coco's they have kids size grilled chicken and you get a side with it.

Not too bad.

Anyways, take care all.


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Hmm... that's interesting. I looked at mine again and it does have my weight on it. Not quite sure what the purpose of that is! LOL

I don't think it's a bad idea that the pic is on it. If not, someone would be sure to copy it and give it to their friends and end up ruining it for everyone in the long run.

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A lot of restaurants will let you order off the children's menu even before you show them your card. IHOP is one of these. There is only one restaurant here in KC that would not let me use it, but that was okay because I don't mind ordering a larger portion there and then having leftovers for 2 or 3 more meals - it is KC BBQ after all. I may try and use it at another one of their locations if I remember and just see what happens.

My card has a picture of a stomach and band and some words, but that is it. If you ever eat a a Bennigan's, they have a salad on the children's menu.

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As Judi said, I typcially get charged the children's price at a buffet as well. Especially when I have my 6 and 8 year old nephews with me and tell the server that I eat less than they do and my sister-in-law agrees with me. The servers look at me in astonishment, but they have never given me any grief about it. Of course I also waste less than my nephews do because my eyes are not bigger than my stomach, they are almost the same size. :D

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