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28 August 2009


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I will add to this throughout the day:

7:50am: One a Day Multi Vitamin on the go and 4 capsules of Juice Plus in 16 oz. of water

8:15am: Pure Energy Greens in 8 oz. water

8:35am: 16 oz. water with Crystal Light

9:40am: Boiled egg with ketchup

11:00am: 20 Unsalted Cashews

11:40am: Pure Energy Greens in 8oz. water

12:00pm 1 String Cheese

1:00pm: 2 Turkey Meatballs

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Liquid Multi Vit

Coffee with cream/equal - 4 8 oz cups

Water 20 oz

Black Bean Burger - Patty only

You guys have been doing so good with this!

Ok here I go (another bad friday already!)

B- 7:00 am Starbucks Carmel Frap and Oatmeal

8:30 am Starbuck Oatmeal with nuts

S- Protien Bar

L- 1/2 cups Pinto Beans and 3 slices of Candian Bacon

S- I think Im gonna have cottage cheese....


No Water yet!


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B: Cheese stick

L: Jello snack pack and applesauce. Can't really call this a lunch was more of a snack i'm running all over today!

D: 3/4 of a crabcake, and about 5 bites of cottage cheese then had to go to the bathroom and PB. No idea what happened! Maybe just had a bite too many, but I hardly ate anything. Ahh as if life w/ the band.

S: Tortillia chips and cheese dip

Calories so far: 900

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