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Question about band slippage

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Hi All,

Well I have a question about slippage. How do you know if it has happened?

Has anyone had this happened and how does it feel?

The reason I am asking is because on the 25th of August I was horribly dizzy and pretty much threw up all my dinner. (it came up liquidy and not chunky) Sorry for the descriptiveness.. And this was the only time I have ever gotten sick since being banded.

Well, there were several days after that it felt different when eating. Now eating has gotten back to normal recently,

but could I have inflamed my belly puch, and it needed time to heal. Or what?

Any thought or ideas on this?

Thanks for the help,


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It sounds like you were sick, (food poisoning?) normally when this happens I go on liquids for a few days to make sure I give my band time to heal.

If you continue to have problems you should go in for a check up – especially if you have heavy acid reflux or can’t eat - or most important - you can't swallow liquids. Get in for help.

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