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7 September 2009


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B: none - man not ready to go back to work after this nice long holiday!

L: grilled chicken, green beans and mac and cheese (KFC)

S: chips and cheese


Exercise: Did a 3.25 mile run - man, my neighborhood is hilly but it felt good!

Calories so far: 600

**I am going chips and dip free from now until Sept 19th!!!

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Hi everyone !

B- I had a carmel Frap and the a latte about an hour to two hours later from Starbucks......SO BAD!

L- Nuggets from ChickFilLa

D-Small thin Turkey Patty and a peach

S- Muching on Almonds as we speak.......

20oz of water ...ughhhhhhhhhh

No More Starbucks for me until September 18th!

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B- 2 coffees with flavored light creamer

S- whole cup of sweet corn, yellow pepper and summer squash soup

L- Wendys small chilli

D- 2 home-made chicken strips dipped in hot sauce .....then half a cup of blackberries (I just picked) with fat-free cool whip

3 bottles of water, will try to get in more tomorrow

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