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23 September 2009


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This is my 11 month bandiversary! Wow...amazing to think it has been that long!

B: Cheese and crackers

L: Raviolis

S: Chips and salsa

S: Vodka and cran/pomegranite light mix

D: Thin crust cheese pizza

Calories so far: 900

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HAPPY 11 Months SHELBY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You are doing so great!

Today was a really weird day for me.....Had to really fight off food today. Woke up thinking about Starbucks....talked myself out of it ALL the way to work...

B-Oatmeal and 1/2 grape fruit

S-Protien Bar

L- Taco Soup and again at about a cup and half +, the other half of grapefruit, a plum and a protien bar....

D-Turkey patty

S- handfull of nuts


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Happy Bandiversary Shelby. You are an inspiration....

I too fought off dreaming of a great Starbucks latte today... and then my girlfriend showed up at my house with one in her hand saying she had to. So I drank 1/2... ugh.

B: homemade oatmeal with blueberries and almonds

home Latte with soy and 1 T FF creamer

L: 1/2 venti chai tea latte

1T hummus

5 pita crackers

D: lean Cuisine Orange chicken

Cals today 800

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B- Coffee with fat-free french vanilla creamer then half cup of Olympic Probiotic lemon yogurt, mmmmmmmmmm!

L- one cup low fat bean and bacon soup and half my kids Mcdonalds hashbrown which started to get stuck (good thing)

D-one cup of Thai chicken stir-fry without the noodles (chicken breast, red and yellow peppers, onions, pea pods, carrots, brocoli)

Treat- skinny cow dipper

Three bottles of water and no exercise this week..............huge freelance project................ahhhhh!

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