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My first fill!

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That's right! I got 5cc on my first fill and I'm so excited! :D

So, first things, first - I did the ill-advised thing and drove my own self into Tijuana. I had a map and a general memory of the clinic, Avenida de Revolucion and the Lucerna. It helped. A little. LOL

I managed to walk into the clinic 3 minutes before my appointment TOTALLY stressed out. It was mostly because it was my first time driving in Mexico and I HATE any and all border crossings. I've driven in many foreign countries - but never in my own baby car! So I was a little on edge.

So I'm there. I sit to fill out the paperwork and I'm called back quickly. I relax as soon as Dr. Cutie comes in the room. I can never remember his name because he's so cute! He's the youngest doc there, the one who does most of the education. We talk a bit about how things have gone, my experiences, review of guidelines, bad patients/nurses and how to prevent pouch stretching.

So, on to the fill! He turns on the fluoroscopy and right there on the screen I can see my port - front and center! Looking good so far.

Now for the needle!!! Whatever! Easy breezy... It went in like butter. Hardly felt a thing.

I take a swig of the barium and we watch it go down. Doc says my band looks great. He proceeds to inject saline. I don't feel a thing. He has me swallow more barium. I can see my pouch fill and like a little toilet bowl - swoosh down it drains! Then he tells me with a big, super cute smile that that was all 4cc!

He says we'll try 5!~ As he injects the extra cc, I can feel my throat tighten - much less than initially after surgery - but I KNOW that sensation! I swallow some more barium, and down the bowl it goes...

I'm so happy, I have to pee! So I say, "Adios!", pay my $100 and I go to the bathroom.

All's well so far. Full liquids for 3 days. Metabolic Meltdown II is in full swing! ;)

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That was such a great post! thank you :)

I think patients are sometimes nervous about coming down on their own, and it is a pretty easy drive! I wanted to say that I recommend you buy the Mexico auto insurance either ahead of time for your insurer, AAA if you are a member or at one of the insurance shacks on this side of the border. Its about $20 per day, but well worth it. Your US insurance is not valid in Mexico and you may be detained if you are in an accident without insurance... so keep that in mind. You can always park at border parking www.borderparking.com and walk across and catch a cab or use Mexicoach. I'm happy to email you directions to the clinic if you'd like

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Thanks Lori - I found that out after the fact - but would have been good to know up front. They sell insurance at the border, but I like good insurance - like mine! ;)

Christen - I was almost as anxious for my fill as I was for the surgery! I couldn't sleep the night before, but at least my whole body didn't knot up with tension like it did before my surgery. Everything was so quick and easy - it all took MAYBE 30 minutes. And if it did take 30 min, it flew by! Please let me know how the cab works out. Believe it or not, dealing with cab drivers gives me high anxiety - I won't give details because it's just personal, but if someone told me it was easy and no hassle - I might try it.

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