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October 6 food log


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Here's my food log from my first day in Hawaii......

B- Cofee and oatmeal with raisins and brown sugar

L- small tuna pack with 4 crackers and half a banana

Happy hour- lava flow and Mai-Tai B)

D- half a half portion of Nachos with beans, cheese, tomatos, olives, peppers and salsa

five bottles of water and LOTS of walking!

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Hope you having a BLAST Sabrina!


S-Protien Bar

L- Pack of Oatmeal and cottage cheese, what a combo, I know...lol

S- None, did not eat my peach

D- :( Give you one Guess!!!! .................... Mexican Food!!!!!!

HOWEVER! Felt guilty so I can home and did P90X, biceps, triceps and Ab Ripper! :D

40 oz water

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B: None, had a dentist appt

S: Cottage cheese - rt side of mouth was still numb from dentist but was starving!

L: Taco Bell pintos and cheese and a cheese wrap

D: Cereal (dry) and some pasta (odd I know but sounded good!)

Calories so far: 1,000

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