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8 October 2009


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B: apple juice

S: cheese and crackers

L: Pintos and cheese and a cheese roll up. Was not in the plan but someone at work said they were going to TBell and I couldn't resist!

D: Was sooo bad! Had folks over to watch football and so my genius idea was to have a cocktail to stay away from the appetizers. Well I had cocktails and then fell asleep so no dinner! Bad!

Calories so far: 900

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Being good is SO hard to do sometimes.........



L- The Middle out of Homemade Bacon cheeseburger Pizza Roll ...mixture made with Turkey

S-1/2 cup of Peach Cobbler :(

D- My son has an out of town Football Game tonight, So I am taking a Protien Bar with me to eat... Go Red Devils # 71...

ok..so I ate the protien bar at 5 was hungry at 8 (still at the game) ate 5 Nachoes chips with cheese and a bit of sausage and Had a bag Reeces Peices :(


I did learn something REALLY interesting though. My protien bars that I have been eating as snacks...Im not so sure they are such a good thing for me?????? I can have 2 reeces cups OR a bag of peices and have around same calories, LESS carbs AND LESS sugar than my South Beach Diet Protien Bar, the bar only has 4 more grams of protien in it.

40 oz of water so far.... :)

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