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14 October 2009


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B: Protein shake (about 1/3 of it)

S: Cheese and crackers

S: Fun sized snickers bar :(

L: 1 cheese enchilada and beans

D: Chips and dip - terrible, but could eat it and pack at the same time.

Calories so far: 950

No working out tonight b/c I leave for Vegas tomorrow and haven't done anything! Gotta go get a pedi after work then pack, get the dog ready for the poochie resort and get the house in order. Can't wait!

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ok was VERY disappointed this morning with the scale and if this makes ANY since what did I do first thing....I went to Starbucks... :angry: To make matters worse, we worked on an Ice Cream truck this morning who left us Haggen Dazs Ice Cream bars..... :((

B- Light Pumpkin Frap -


L-Turkey Patty and Snack Size (did not know they made these) Ice Cream Bar


D-Making Taco Soup

I did do Plyo with Hubby last night, going to to weights tonight, not sure which ones yet.......

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