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After Strep & Upper-Resp. Infection... this Mucus is ... not kind...

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I haven't posted in awhile, everyone is so helpful and encouraging... I need help with this one.

I had strep throat and then bronchitis - what is left is this upper nasal drip and allergy issue because the Texas weather has been so back and forth lately.

I'm making so much ... well, mucus, that I'm PBing like crazy. Tried allergy meds and more but I'm either spitting it out, PBing or trying to figure out how to get over this quickly!

I can't even attempt to eat a solid today because of this.

Ideas? Anyone know any good home remedy for all this mucus?


- Simone

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Simone - I am in the same boat. I even PB's a calcium pill that I had cut in 1/2. Yes, I too understand all to well the lovely mucus....*sarcasm*

I have been on an antibiotic and a sinus decongestant. Before a meal, I drink some warm coffee, tea or water to clear the mucus from the band. It is getting all junked up and really causes a bad time.

That has helped me. I am able to eat and not PB. I tell ya, it really freaked me out when I got a vitamin stuck. Oh boy....

I hope you and I both get to feeling better soon! Hang in there sister, you are not alone.

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