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19 October 2009


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B-Tried a piece of Raisin Bread, did not do too good so I stopped


L- About Six Peices of cut up Steak and 1/2 cup of Sweet Potatoe


D- Sweet Treat Ice Cream with Almonds... I was SO excited about this I had to have it. NO fat, NO sugar, No carbs and 8 calories per ounce...Had this about 6 (Not a good dinner)

S-Pack of Peanut butter crackers ( not a good choice)

20 oz of water :(

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I'M BACK!!!!!! So not ready to be at work thanks to my flight being delayed twice in LA I am working on two hours sleep!!! :(

Gonna try to think back a couple days and put my food log in.

B: Egg scramble with eggs, ham, onions, mushrooms and cheese

Hash browns

L: Nachos in the airport got about 3 down and PB'ed - when I fly I get tight as a drum!

S: McDonalds McFlurry w/ M&Ms - bad, but I needed something in my belly and after a PB not a lot of choices at the airport

D: Taco Bell pintos and cheese

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