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20 October 2009


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B: Pasta (so bad, but it was all the leftovers I had - need to go to the store BAD!)

L: Taco Bell pintos and cheese and a cheese roll up

D: Taking a chicken and noodles meal with me to work

Exercise: None have to work tonight

Starting on a detox tomorrow to get my butt in shape!

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B- I-Hop with a friend... MVP Bowl with pancakes, halfed this with my friend. Ate about 1 table spoon of bowl and 1/4 of a whole Grain pancake

S-Reeses :(

L-The same as Breakfast


D: 2 table spoons of purple Hull peas and 2 table spoos of Okra YUM!!!

Walked 2.5 Miles

16Oz of Water

Tomorrow I am going to start a new plan for 15 days. Really strick diet!

I am going to work out 3x a week with weights and walk 5k 3xper week..(Everyone pray for me...lol) I am going to stick to this even if I have to get up at 5 with Hubby every morning and go walk!!! I can do this for 15 days!!!!!

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