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How do I know if my band has slipped?

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I am having the worse two days-I was banded on 2/5/09-and have had wonderful results -not even a year and I have reached my goal weight. I had my first fill in April at the OCC. Then in June I found a place locally to give it a tweak. I suffered for months as the band was overfilled-I was sliming and PB'in nearly nightly. I finally found the fill center to get an unfill in late Sept. Though they do not have a flouro machine. With the unfill I had not enough restriction, so 2 days ago I had. 2 cc added to the already 1cc in my 4 cc band. I have been reading about band slippage and I am worried mine has slipped a I have endured a long and hard summer of constant throwing up. I pray tomorrow I can see the fillcenter and get the other .2 cc removed. Two days worse than I was this summer- How can I find a happy medium and how do I know if I slipped y band? I am scared to death! Please advise.

Dawn Curry

Banded by Dr. Ortiz-2/5/09



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Hey Dawn--

I think the only way to know for certain if the band has slipped is for them to do the fluoroscopy to visually check. I think you are right to have some of the fill removed. When in doubt, call the OCC/Dr Ortiz. That will help you know what to do for sure. Hope you are feeling better soon.

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