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My name is Lisa and I am starting my LapBand journey. I am pre-surgery...one month into my 6mo approval period for insurance. I am still undecided if this is really for me but I am going thru all the steps - hoping the decision becomes clearer.

I clearly cannot lose weight on my own. I am hoping having a physical limitation will help me change my life. My first month of "on my own" I have lost seven (7) lbs. I have attended one support group meeting and met with the surgeon for the first time yesterday.

I am excited to find this forum because the support groups offered in my area aren't traditional / sharing groups - they are more like informative seminars. There were 80+ people at the last one, not enough seats or handouts, and the guest speaker was not a LB patient but rather a bypass patient (this was a LB meeting). Not exactly what I was expecting.

I was wondering what kind of relationship you guys have with your surgeons. His staff is great, but I feel like I am a number / slot on his roster. I thought he would ask me why I wanted the surgery - what I hoped for it to change - etc. Instead he seemed concerned about my paperwork and my insurance approval - that's it. I don't know if I am expecting a rapport that is not typically there with surgeons? My husband pointed out that soooo many people come in and out of his office, some not committed, that maybe he doesn't "invest" at this stage...maybe that comes later?

I am anxious to know other's experience with their surgeons.



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Hello and Welcome!!

Most of the folks on this forum are patients of the OCC and Dr's Ortiz and Martinez operating in Tijuana, Mexico. Therefore, most of us are not going to the office as much as one might if their doctor was local. Having said that, you'll be hard-pressed to find anyone on here that isn't totally in love with them!! :) They and their staff are super people that really care and are very interested in everybody succeeding in their weigh loss journey. Good luck to you as you start this. You will find many friends here!

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:lb14: Lisa,

On my first appointment seeing a Doctor, well it was quite interesting. I have Tricare Prime as my insurance company, my husband is military, and I was sent to a Civilian Doc for my consult. He was nice, but worried more that Tricare wouldn't approve it since I didn't have any other major issues in my charts from being overweight. Which of course made me feel like a number...

I ended up having my lapband surgery with a military Doc, and he has been wonderful. He actually took over my case after I called Tricare and told them what the 1st Doc said and then the medical underwriter called this Doc (since he is within 50 miles of my home) and told him of my issues/problems and circumstances to find out what he would do and he took it over and performed my surgery. My relationship with my surgeon has been great. Although he just got transferred from Camp Pendleton the end of September, and I now I will have to drive down to San Diego and see someone new, and it is kinda a bummer. Unless I try to get a referral for the Civilian doc again. We'll see...

I will tell you, I am thrilled with my band. It is definitely the best thing I have done for myself in a very very long time.

Also this Forum is awesome! I was worried in the beginning that I wouldn't be truly welcome since I didn't have my surgery with the OCC, but everyone here is so supportive.

I wish you lots of luck in your decision, and your husband does have a point in his thinking. It is now in your hands to go for it.

Take care and let us know what you decide,



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