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I had my lap band in May and since the March before having my band, I have lost 5 stone 5lbs (74.5lbs), and am really pleased. Its been hard work, much harder than I ever thought it would be, and I have literally and figuratively worked my ass off to get the weight off by healthy eating and going to the gym...

The thing is, when people comment on my weight loss, I always feel like I have cheated somehow, that it has just magically fallen off overnight, and tell people that I have had the lapband. Its almost like I'm trying to make THEM feel better about my weightloss. Now I have never made it a secret about having the band, so I'm not ashamed, and there are people who completely support me, and say how brave it is, but can anyone give me some help on how to deal with people who don't know about my band, and how to make me feel less guilty?? I KNOW how much hard work it is, know that there is nothing to feel guilty about but some other people think its an easy option.

Starting Weight 319lb

Now weighing 245lb

Band Inserted 14th May 2009

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There is nothing easy about having this band.

I don't feel people need to know about your band if you don't want them to. Only my family and very close friends know about my band and every now and then I will share it with others, but how is your weight-loss other peoples business.

I can't make you stop feeling guilty, I don't feel you should feel that way by any means.

However, with eating healthy and working out, how can that be cheating.

You know, this band is not magic, it is a tool. Sure it helps to control the hunger by giving you restriction, but it does not make the weight disappear.

You have Done Awesome with your tool!

Be proud of what you have accomplished & Over 74 pounds, is amazing. It is very hard work. :lb13:

Keep up the good work!



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Don't let 'em get to you - you have done a great job and should be proud!

Have I lost weight without this...absolutely....about 400 lbs! But it was 20-30 lbs about 15 times and then I would gain it back and then some. This band has not only helped me take it off, but more importantly keep it off!!!

People that don't have it don't understand how hard it is. You don't just get it and start dropping weight. Hell, I could eat two of my favorite foods all day - ice cream and mac and cheese and just keep on gaining!

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Don't feel that you have to tell anyone about the band if you don't want to. I tell the people that I don't want to know my business that I have been working out more, eating less and drinking lots of water. That is 100% the truth and would generate productive weight loss by itself. The secret for us however is that we have the band which helps keep us accountable as do the meetings for those on Weight Watchers, ours is just an internal accountability rather than an external accountability.

When telling a few people I have prefaced my announcement by saying I took the easy way out (even though I don't believe that 100%) in an attempt to not have them judge me. I have no idea if they would or would not have judged me - and I don't really care. However, they always follow it up with it doesn't matter how you do it, as long as it works for you and trust me, it has worked for me.

I have been drinking a huge glass of OJ everyday and someone made the comment today that people like me can do that. I am not sure what she meant by that because she has known me for 6 years and knows how heavy I used to be. While I did kind of want to know what she meant, partially to see if she knows about the band because she is one that I have specifically chosen to not tell, I chose to just ignore the comment as if I hadn't heard her and kept walking back to my desk.

When all is said and done, the only person that make you feel less guilty is you - you just have to buck up and remember all of the positive reasons you decided to do this.

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