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24 October 2009


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Thank you all so much for the well wishes I appreciate it! He had a pretty bad day yesterday was in a lot of pain b/c the people doing his CT scan apparently don't know how to read a chart and were rough on him. Hopefully he can get some sleep today and get better. He's gonna be here for at least another week then it's on to a rehab facility.

Funny thing is i'm tight, but I feel like i'm finally where so many others say they are. But I wish I was at home or had a mini fridge and microwave here so I could eat better.

B: None

S: Chex mix

L: Mini raviolis

S: Two fun sized candy bars - halloween party at work I tried to be good! :)

D: hot dog no bun w/ mustard

S: chips and dip

S: vodka and cranberry - I was needing that! :)

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