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Hey guys I was banded on Oct. 23rd and I was wondering how long after sugery before you can start excersizing. I was told that I should wait until the full 21 days but I'm wondering if I can go sooner, like tomorrow and walk on the treadmill maybe on a slight incline, no abs of course, lol. Any advice would be much appreciated.

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Congratulations on your surgery! Go by what your doc says and start exercising after 21 days. That gives your body time to heal. Walking is a fantastic form of exercise and just what you need for now. I was impatient and tried exercising 1 week post op and it wasn't pleasant--it hurt! I felt pressure on my port area and I was afraid of hurting my band, so I quit until after my 21 days. Now, 3 months post-op, I'm running everyday (up to 10 miles) and going to the gym. Planning a half-marathon in January.

Good Luck!

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