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unsure if I should get the lap band

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Hi everyone! I am new to this forum and I have been reading everyone's experiences with Dr. Ortiz. I recently spoke with my aunt who is a nurse about getting banded. Due to family history on both sides of my family of heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, thyroid issues, etc. she recommended I get banded to lose weight and help prevent any of these diseases from developing in me. I am nervous and have heard good and bad things about being banded. I know if I were to get banded it would be a change for LIFE.

I am only 21 years old and have hypothyroidism, pre-hypertension, and possible insulin resistance and I know I should not have any of that at my age. I had a rough childhood growing up and was emotionally abused. This did not help with my weight. When I was in high school I was 140lbs at the max and then all of a sudden my eating habits became horrible and next thing I know I am at a whopping 255lbs! I should not be at that weight and I miss my old body!

I read good things and bad things about the band. I have heard in the long run people have erosion, band slippage, etc. I know these can be prevented given that you follow the instructions your doctor gives you and you don't eat or drink things you're not suppose to. But to me the benefits out weight the risks. If needed it can be removed.

Can you guys give me some kind of encouragement about what I should do. I am about to have a semester off in college come Dec. and that is the best time for me to get it! Does anyone have hypothyroidism but still has been able to lose a good amount of weight? And has it gone away once the weight has come off.

Needless to say I need some cheering on! I am going to start seeing a counselor this week to help work through some of the things I have been through but I think the band is my only option.

If anyone also could give me details from scheduling your surgery with the OCC all the way down to the pre-op diet, travel plans, etc.

I am really inspired by you all!

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Hi, Anicoler, and welcome to the board. Well, anyone will tell you that this is a decision you ultimately have to make for yourself. That's a no-brainer. BUT, I can also tell you that the vast majority of folks on this board have had very positive experiences with the band. For me, my surgery was very good - but, I am severely insulin resistant (have pcos) and the weight loss has been slow and hard-won for me. I am now in what is known as "bandster hell" - the period between being banded and getting a fill - and have not lost any more weight (nor did I lose much on the liquid diet). So, yes, there can be frustrations like that. All in all, though - I'm still very happy with my decision (I have lost some weight, and my acid reflux is cured) - so I would say read and research as much as you can (I find blogs of people who've had the surgery really helpful) and then just see if you feel ready. If so, go for it - it's a change for the better! :)

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Hi anicoler,

I have Hypothyroidism, however I will always have it. I had to have my thyroid removed due to cancer back in November 2006. I gained over 80 pounds before I received my band. I hit 238 and I am only 5'2". I had struggled with weight since 1995 after my first child and then found out I had a thyroid problem all along from the pathology report from my thyroidectomy.

My being banded has been the best gift I could have received. I have lost over 83 pounds now and I am still working hard at it. The gym has been my best friend, and I also have a trainer that I got the end of July to keep me on track. I love working out now. It is invigorating and gets me geared up for the rest of the day.

I have heard so many wonderful things from experiences from the OCC. I did a tour online of the facility and it is beautiful. I actually had my surgery done through the military and I did have a great experience there too.

I wish you luck on your decision. :)


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