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11 November 2009


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B: Cereal (dry)

L: Lunchmeat dipped in mustard, appleasuce and two wedges of laughing cow cheese w/ crackers

S: One small sugar cookie

D: Popcorn shrimp and chips and salsa

S: Wine

Calories so far: 1300 - OUCH!!! Soo good until dinner!!!

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B- coffee with fat-free french vanilla creamer than a light yogurt cup

L- single serving tin of garlic and pepper tuna with 4 triscuits and a babybell cheese

S- cantelopue wedge and some m&m's (need the Halloween candy gone NOW)

D- 2 steamed king crab legs with garlic butter and a couple bites of my caesar salad

Noticed I've been getting lots of headaches and then realized it's probably cause I haven't been drinking my water!

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