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12 November 2009


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B- coffee with fat-free french vanilla creamer then McDonalds fruit and yogurt parfait

L- home made fat-free pea soup and EIGHT rosemary and olive oil triscuits!!! (Time for a fill)

D- making a chicken stir-fry later....just veggies, breast meat, cooking spray and seasonings

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B: Protein Shake (about 1/2)

L: Mini Raviolis

L: Two cheese roll ups from Taco Bell

S: 1 small piece of vanilla cake (no icing- was so proud of me!)

D: Chips and dip - seriously!? Oh well...

Calories so far: 1,100

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No Frosting??? Girl you are strong! Yum, I love frosting.

Girl....it took a lot it was hard!!! It was the good icing too!!

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