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Interesting Study Break ;-)

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So, I escaped from the library for a couple of hours today in search of new jammies for a PJ party Friday night. In the end I found no jammies but ended up with 3 sets of earrings, 6 turtle necks and pair of khaki's. All clothing items were basic needed purchases, but not really planned for.

Anyway, I bought the Medium tops without even trying them on but wasn't so brave in regards to the pants. I tried on the size 10's as that is what I have been buying lately. The were kind of long in the crotch (this might be what they call the rise, but I'm not sure) as some of my other 10's are. So, for grins I decided to try on the 8's. Oh heavenly day the 8's fit. I realize this may be a one time only thing, but it did feel kind of good to be able to wear a size 8 even though being an 8 is so not my goal. I am now wondering if the other pants I have that are kind of long in the same place would have fit me better if they were an 8.

Something tells me I may take another study break tomorrow and head to the mall to try and prove my new theory about the pants and to look for some cute/modest jammies.

Sometimes I feel like I should join a 12 step program for shopaholics, but hopefully after I get my wardrobe restocked for all of the seasons I will stop spending money on new clothes each month.

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