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Desperate Bandster

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Hey all

I have had the lap band in since nov 3 2008 and initially started to lose a bit of weight, then found that I didnt lose at all. I lost a total of 9 kilos since 2008, but regrettably have not lost any weight since. Its been quite a downer due to the fact that I don't eat a lot and my partner always thinks its a waste of time taking me out for dinner since I never can eat much or vomit.

My port unforutantely become unattatched and had to have this revised and and put back into place in June 2009 after much attempts to get my surgeon to have this done at an earlier stage. Since this revision I have not lost any additional weight which I am quite saddenned about.

I consulted my GP who said i need to source a second opinion and they found after gastrograffins and surgery that my band had slipped and become unattatched. Would this mean that I would not lose weight due to the above.. I only had the revison this week so still on the fluids diet but unsure how long I need to continue to complete this for and hoping that now I will get results due to the last year being a bit of a downer especially whenI see others just having success and I havent.

Hoping its all sorted now and don't know totally wot the next steps are, if you could please help

love and best wishes one desperate girl

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Hey Leashie!

Man, it sure sounds like it has been one thing after another with your Lap-band. Not sure what you are asking when you wonder what the next steps might be. Food-wise, I would suggest you follow what your surgeon advises--stay on your liquids and add food types as you are told to do. As for the rest of it, I know that you have had a few setbacks and the success you may have thought that you would be celebrating here a year later is delayed. Begin by believing that the great successes that others that post here have had are also possible for you, too! You have stuck it out to this point, through the revision/correction of the problems with your band. Look at it as being on a trip and your car broke down. The car (your lapband) is now fixed and you can continue on your trip. A great celebration awaits you at your destination--and we will all be here to celebrate with you!! Now rev your engine girl--and get going!!! :)

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