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Returning for fills

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If I choose to go back to OCC for fills. Does any one know other than airfare what it costs ? Also, do you think it's better to return to OCC or find someone in the states ? I live in Wisconsin if that helps.

Hi...If you contact OCC they will give you the exact details. I seem to remember a quote for a very reasonable package rate that included the cost of the fill, transportation from the San Diego airport to the clinic ( and back again) plus an overnight stay at a hotel.


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I know I saw it on their website but I can't seem to find it to paste as a reference...I think this is what it said...the fills are free, the x-ray is $100, if you want their transportation from the airport it's $199 (there is public available to the boarder), and if you want to stay in one of the hotels overnight it's $279

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