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Back from OCC

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Well I'm back from a quick trip to the OCC. Met with Dr. So who took a look under floroscopy and could see the leak. They replaced the port however could only fill with .60cc .. I think I had .60 in there when we started, but not sure if they took that out or not before replacing my port. I was a little still out of it when I left there, and couldn't remember what we talked about after my surgery was finished. I called OCC today and spoke with Dr. Acosta. Unfortunately he was not familiar with my situation, but stated it said in the file, that my band area was enlarged, so therefore they couldn't fill me anymore. Now when Dr. So met with me,, he said my band, esophagas, and everything looked great. He should be able give me approx. 2.00cc so I would have an agressive fill, and would be able to get back on track. Sooooo... I'm still not sure what's going on. I know I can't afford to go down in another 6 weeks, nor can I afford to go to Northwest fills, and pay $250-$300 for a fill with Floro. Still not completely happy and satisfied, but will now more on Monday I hope.. :mellow:

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Sorry about this, these set backs can be a pain.

At least you've got a little bit in there - I'd say bump up the exercise - you'll most likely eat more with that light fill around the holidays, but if you can just burn some extra calories through exercise you'll do fine and most likely loss some extra inches. (Plus I can never eat when I exercise hard - my band naturally tightens)

Thoughts are with you – sending some extra light and love your way to get you through it!


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Thanks Lisa for all your thoughts and your support. I will do exactly that. I want to find out though what they were thinking by only giving me such a little fill. I could understand if they could see what the liquid was like going through my band, but they didn't test it after they fixed my port. :unsure:

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