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What's inside your pre-packaged foods?


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Hydrogenated oils – Oils that go through a process to become solid at room temperature. Any type of oil that is solid at room temperate is poisonous, including hydrogenated oils. “Partially hydrogenated” just means that it takes twice as long to poison you. The body breaks these down into “trans fats.” Although the ingredient of food will list the trans fat count at 0, they may still contain hydrogenated oils.

High-fructose corn syrup – Corn syrup that has been through a process to become sweeter. It numbs parts of the brain that tell you when you’re full. What results is an empty feeling that your brain confuses for hunger.

“Water” – If it’s just plain water, not filtered water or mineral water, chances are it came straight from the tap. You’re just as good drinking Kool-Aid. There is no conclusive evidence that sping water is any healthier than tap water.

Artificial flavors – Chemical compounds produced in a laboratory

Artificial colors – Ditto

“Natural flavors” – Essential oils, which up the fat content a bit, and lack the nutritional value of the real thing

Sodium Hexametaphosphate – I found this in many pre-packaged drinks. It is used to keep the drink from settling. It is basically a type of glass that dissolves in liquid.

Titanium Dioxide – Found in powdered foods. It is the main ingredient in white paint

Refined sugar – The enemy of mankind. Bacteria in the digestive tract ferment this sugar, causing the bad bacteria to multiply, excess bacterial waste in the bloodstream (mainly methanol), as well as excess gas and bloating. Sugar is good for supplying quick-burning energy to aid in digestion, as well as making healthy food more palatable, but refined sugar is absorbed by the body too quickly, and many ready-to-eat foods simply contain too much of it. Other types of sugar are “safer” because they are either more “complex” or have their absorption slowed down by fats, oils and the like.

White rice – Ditto

Bleached flour – Ditto. “Enriched” means simply that they put back in what was taken out while it was processed

Brown sugar – Basically, refined white sugar mixed with molasses

Soy – About 80% of the soy in industrialized countries is genetically-modified. It is used to up the protein count in food, as well as a filler or substitute for meat. It is becoming more popular now that more and more youngsters are becoming “vegan.” The biggest source of non-GMO soy is probably soy milk.

Corn – About 70% of our corn is GMO. Processed corn provides little nutritional value, and lots and lots of carbs.

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