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First Fill cost me $525.00 Total Rip Off

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I'm so POed that my first fill cost me $525.00 in Olympia WA...I was banded in November 3, 2009 in Mexico with Dr. Ortiz...my surgery was VERY successful and I had a EXCELLENT surgery experience...On Tuesday December 15, 2009 I had my first fill six weeks post surgery in Olympia Wa...the cost was $375.00 very expensive under fluoroscopy...after having the fill I was told to go on liquids for 3 days in which I did on the 4th day which was Friday December 18, 2009 I started the day with breakfast and felt no restitution...after lunch again I felt no restriction...I then called the fill center to speak to the nurse...the nurse tells me since it was your first fill you may have still had fluid in your band and to just come back in to have more fluid placed in the band...today Monday December 21, 2009 I went back to the surgery center and I was charged $150.00 WHAT A RIP OFF...I'M SO POed...I asked why I was being charged an additional $150.00 after being here in a few days prior and I was told this is my second fill and this is what I'm required to pay...I feel this is a total rip off...additionally the nurse who performed the fill and who had my chart in front of her called the front desk to ask what size band I have...I told her a Johnson & Johnson 10cc band...the front desk person also told her to look at my chart...I'm like wow did you even look at my chart...very disappointed and frustrated...I have had a really positive experience until now...any thoughts...please advise.

Johnson & Johnson 10cc band

first fill 12/15/2009 4 cc

second fill 12/21/2009 2 cc

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I know how u feel my firstt fill cost me $347 w/o Floro it would have been $647 with floro, it is 300 dollars to get the X-ray done at FCUSA Mt. Laurel NJ. My next fill will be less $165 w/o Floro, I just can't afford it right now. This is not including the 80 bucks I spent on trave b/c I live in NY. It sucks but as long as the weight is coming off it will ass be worth it.

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