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Soy Does Not Help Bone Loss in Women

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Supplements with soy isoflavones may not help improve bone density in women after menopause.

Reporting in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, scientists found isolated soy isoflavone-containing supplements offer no benefits.

Previous research suggests isoflavones—plant nutrients similar to estrogen—may help bone mass during menopause, when women’s estrogen levels are on the decline.

For the study, 255 postmenopausal women were given a soy supplement or a placebo.

After three years, women on the isoflavone supplement and placebo had similar declines in bone mass. Only women taking a higher dose supplement showed a slightly lower risk of bone break.

But soy has many beneficial qualities. Whole soybeans, or edamame, not just tofu, have been linked to lower risk of cancer and protection against heart disease.

Source: Reuters.

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