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Cream of Zucchini Soup


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i love zucchini and squash and have been making this soup for years... everyone loves it and even people that do not like zucchini enjoy it.

my regular recipe is chunky but i managed to make it creamier.. so the recipe im posting is the one i made yesterday.



1 1/2 cup NON-FAT MILK (or depending on the consitency you like)

2 breakfast sausage links ( my original recipe uses bacon, but the links are faster and easier to puree and it turns out less chunky.

1 teaspoon of chicken broth powder (flavor)


cut my zucchini into medium pieces and boil them in a pot.. at this time i throw my sausage links into a frying pan ( i guess this recipe can do with out them, i just did it this way) and fry then pat all the oil out. once the zucchini is done, i throw it in the blender with a little water and blend until well blended, i then add the sausage and blend that really well too... THEN i put the mix back in a pot and add milk&broth powder and bring to a simmer.. and there you goo.. yummy soup!

i hope you guys like it. this is my favorite soup in the woooorld and it really fills u up.

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