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Nine months out

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:rolleyes: Hi everyone just wanted to share progress. I'm just a few days away from having the band for nine months. I can say that this journey at times was smooth sailing and at others times navigating rough seas. All in all it has been a trip I wish I would have taken five years ago when I first went over the 200 pound mark. Today I am down 61 pounds since banding date in late April 09 and that is where I had hoped to be one year out. Now I have made a new goal to have 70 pounds off in one year. ( need to lose 95 total) I can share that it is so important to get in protein and water to keep the weight loss going. In the last two months my rate of loss has slowed some but still the scale moves downward each week. I was told once that if you lose one half of your weight in the first year and the next two years the remaining half that was about average. I can see by many of your posts you are exceeding that rate. Just goes to show that everyone of us is unique. I am on my third fill and can't see that I will need another as I have plenty of restriction. I now need to figure out how to incorprate more time to workout or go for walk. The hardest part of this journey has been learning to put my needs first at times and letting others wait. Thank you for sharing all your tips and words of encouragement.
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