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Hello..knowledgeable bandsters!

I got a flu shot in September and found out that I am allergic to a preservative that is in it and have been breaking out in a severe hive reaction since then. I have been on prednizone before,, due to the depo-shot reaction I had yrs earlier, and did NOT want to go back on it. The side effects plus weight gain is horrible and since I had lost 30 lbs since being banded at the end of March I was a happy little camper and did not want to put the weight back on. Well, in October I hit rock bottom and had to go on prednizone.....I have gained 10 lbs since then and I am not sure when I will be able to go off of the medication. Hopefully soon as it has been a few months since getting the flu shot.

My question is....is there anybody out there who has taken this while being banded and how did you do with the weigh gain and side effects? I have become a little depressed and I am not like that....I do believe it is the steriods playing with my emotions....but if there is anybody that can tell me about their experience I would love it!

Thanks so much!! B)

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