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Sweet Spot?

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Had a fill Monday not sure if this is what everyone calls the sweet spot or if I need more tweaking. Am able to take in a full cup of food and am on the up side of comfortable. Am taking in lots of fluids about 3-4 20oz bottles a day. Not drinking with meals. I can't tell if I am feeling full about an hour later, or gas, or hungry. I know this sounds stupid and you will think I am nuts but, have even tried to get things stuck but nothing yet. Am past the 3 day zone with fill center to get free adjustment after a paid fill. Am going to try to add extra protein to each meal but if we are only allowed 1cup per meal how do you manage that. My lunch consists of 1/2c tuna and 1/2c cottage cheese. breakfast is 6oz yogurt with granola. even tried adding cottage cheese to the yogurt (sounds nasty but was pretty good at least with van. yogurt. Was introduced to greek yogurt today that has about 18g protein per serving but the plain was kind of nasty have the flavored to try in am, the plain is lower in carbs but the flavored has same carbs as reg yogurt. just not as many flavors. any suggestions PLEASE?

Thanks Guys!

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