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My new YouTube channel


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I'm about to launch a YouTube channel, very soon in fact. (possibly two).

The first is called: People In Your Neighborhood (http://www.youtube.com/peoplenurhood). It's going to be sort of a 5-9min documentary of various, normal, everyday, average people, and what they do in their day. (think of it as an adult version of the Sesame Street bit, only more detailed...ironically that's where I got the inspiration from.) It'll be sort of a Dirty Jobs meets Sesame Street. Not sure how often I'll be doing shows, but I'm shooting for once a week minimum, 3 a week if it takes off.

The other, (if I have the ambition after the first), will be called Ask Dr Stupid. (it's a Ren and Stimpy reference). Basically a show about various questions that viewers would ask about anything. "Why is the sky blue?"...."What's a kumquat?"..."How many people would fit in the Empire State Building?"....just random silly stuff, but making a serious attempt to answer whatever question someone might have. (and me being the know it all I am, it would be a fun project, I think.) http://www.youtube.com/askdrstoooopid

Anyway, I'd like to ask the community to support me and my shows, by making an account on YouTube (if you don't already have one), and subscribing to my channels, if you would be so kind.

Thanks, and good luck with your bands. Mine is still doing fine.

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Alrighty...so far, I've got some good ideas forwarded my way. For example:

Education Segment: Follow a Student, Teacher, Principle, Administrator

or like food segment: Follow The rancher/farmer, stockyard, butcher, store.. or milk...

basically focuses on the people, their jobs, and how they affect us as a whole. (a lot of people don't know how eggs get to your plate, for example), or who changes the lightbulbs in traffic lights.

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