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2nd Re-Fill

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Wednesday I got my 2nd "re-fill" at Midwest Surgical Centers. I'd only lost 3.2 lbs, but that's fine by me. I'd spent the previous 2 months gaining 30 lbs, so any loss is great! I feel a nice increase in restriction now, and am trying to be a good girl and measure my food so that I don't eat more than 1 cup in an hour.

We had an office pot-luck today... I did good but not great. My lunch was no more than a cup, but I had to have a slice of pudding-cake (flan cake) too! I didn't feel extremely painfully restricted after, and I didn't yack anything up, so I'm probably okay, but I need to work on the will-power!

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Good luck! I know how hard it is to not have great restriction but to be too afraid of getting too tight and getting in troube with the band again. Better to take it slow. I lost the weight I gained with my recent unfill fast but now I know I'm going to stay stuck at this weight for a while if I don't find some will-power. I want to eat everything in sight!


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