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what do you do?

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Hey guys, I am 5 weeks after surgery and need some tips. I have had about two days now that I could have licked the paint off the walls. Head Hungry has reared its ugly head. I have done pretty well dealing but I know this is going to be a ongoing issue and would love some input on how some of you deal with it. Thanks!

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The thing that works best for me is keeping myself busy. When i'm bored is when I want to eat, so I do what I can to keep moving so I don't let the head hunger get me. I also had a bad habit of eating in the car, so I would suddenly get head hunger there. I would just make myself stick it out until I got to my location and amazingly it was gone once I was out of the car.

I also learned to drink water and if you still think you are hungry to have something. Totally understand what you are going through it sucks!

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Amy, you are doing so well!!! I notice you've lost 30 pounds now, and not only have I not increased from my 20 lbs lost, I gained 5 on my vacation last week!!!! I've lost 2 of those pounds, but I totally know what you're talking about.

I think if you can maintain where you are until your fill on the 24th, you'll be doing really well. Hopefully, if you get good restriction, it'll be a lot easier.

I know I'm fighting the same battle now. I was so happy about my 20 pound weight loss, but I'm having trouble not going back to my old eating habits! :wacko:

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