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25 March 2010


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Started out with a 45 minute intense cardio workout.

116 oz. Water

B: 1/4 c. Strawberry Yogurt with 1/4c. Granola

L: 3 oz. Canned Tuna with Mayo, Chopped Tomato and Onion and 5 Wheat Thins

did another 45 minute high intense Cardio workout with weights

D: One medium baked potato with 1/3c. Turkey chilli and no fat sour cream

1 glass of fat free milk

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B: Fiber One cereal (dry)

L: 1/2 bean & beef burrito then stuck city! Stayed down though.

S: Vanilla cupcake - ugh they were brought to us as a thank you from this company here in KC that makes the best EVER! I took some of the frosting off, but still horrible!

D: 3 bites of a hamburger and about 5 french fries

S: Cheese and crackers

Calories so far: 950

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