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Another interesting article I found...it makes a lot of sense! I was raised on fast food and I can't even explain how hard it has been to break of it. I agree it is an addiction just like alcohol or drugs.

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Great article..thanks for posting it! The sensation of being stuck is my deterrent...as soon as I feel that dreaded pressure I spit out whatever is im my mouth and give a word of thanks to the goddess of self control! lol...

Unlike the rats and their electoded (is that a word??? lol) toes..I will quit immediately if I feel 'the stuck' coming on...and that's more of a motivating source (for me) than the sensation of feeling full or satisfied,

I just wish that Macdonald' s fries didn't smell and taste so...yummy!! lol I can go two months without thinking or craving them..then out of the blue..wham...I Need a fry!

So I've learned to compromise.. I will go and get a Happy Meal..toss the buns and eat the cheeseburger...snack on half the fries and later sip the orange juice. I've done this perhaps three times since I got banded last October and it seems to keep my craving for junkfood at a tolerable level.

Hopefully in the coming year I willl outgrow that little deviant behavior. If not... my husband's grandchild will continue to receive from me the Avatar-Chipmonks-Transformer toy of the month!! lol

Every journey starts with one foot in front of the other.


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My husband likes McDonalds so when we go, I get my son a double cheeseburger and take one meat patty out for me, then have it with a garden salad! The one meat patty is the perfect size and it feels like I'm getting my junk-food fix.


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Ugh McDonalds french fries are my downfall too! Today I was at work and a lady at the register was eating them it was like torture!!!

It is amazing after all this time I still crave certain things like crazy!! Old habits die hard!!

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