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31 March 2010


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7:30am - V8 Fusion

9:30am - Campbells Soup at Hand Creamy Tomato Parmesean Bisque

12:30pm - 1/2 Special K protein shake

4:00pm - bean soup - ate wayy too much of it but that will give me some substance in my belly before volleyball.

7:00 - two vodka and cranberry at volleyball

8:00pm - more bean soup - feel like i'm eating as many calories if not more, but i'm doing it to heal my band so i'll take it.

Calories so far: 1,100

Exercise: Taking the pooch for a walk after work. Sooo pretty here today (almost 80!) and he hasn't been out on a real walk since probably November. He's gonna go nuts! :)

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75 oz. Water

B: Oatmeal

L: Tuna with Mayo, Chopped Tomato, Onion and 5 Wheat Thins

D: 1c. Clam Chowder

Ending up having 4T Peanut Butter

I am dying for sweets :( So I had 2 T Peanut Butter and now it is time to add some Crystal Light to my water. Hope this works. *crosses fingers*

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Hey Shelby, I was just wondering how you are doing on liquids. For some reason it seems so much harder to do than the 21 day post op diet. I have struggled each time after a fill/unfill. Good luck lovie.

Thanks!! You know it is soo true....I was telling myself yesterday how the hell did I do this for 21 days! :unsure:

Yesterday was really tough and I did have a minor cheat and had some fritos that someone had at work, but today has been a million times easier. I had soup at 9:30 and its now 12:30 and i'm not hungry yet. Tonight is sand volleyball where drinks are always consumed so I need to be really careful. I need to watch b/c my tolerance will be shot and also that I don't lose my willpower!

I need to eat real food for dinner Friday, so i'm going to try to make it until then. I was really frustrated this morning b/c the scale says i'm up 2lbs, but that was only after one day and i'm sure my body is holding the liquids so i'm keeping at it. On Fri morning we will see how I did.

I so can't wait to hear about your PS! I'm so jealous I really want it but just can't afford it. I need a TT and a tad bit of lipo. Hopefully that is what the income tax refund will go towards next year!

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