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Bad new of band erosion

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I went to TJ today for a fill and found out the most devasting news a bandster can hear. My band has eroded into my stomach, a rare complication but possible . I have had my band for 1 1/2 years now and i did not have any symptoms Dr Martinez could not belive that I have not had any symptons at all. I have to have my band removed within the next 2 weeks and wait 6 months before they will place another band. It is possible to get another band they say it looks hopeful due to the fact tha most band erosion happend within 6 months of surgery and it took mine 1 1/2 years. I am so sad and have lost alot of hope and this band has been the best thing i n my life and I have lsot 75 pounds however I have 65 more to go and now for 6months i have no band to help me. I am scared to death of gaining my weight back but also I am excited about getting a new band and going through that major weight loss we all experience at the beginning that is never to be repeated again. I am just so so very sad I cried at the office today. I think why me? It is so rare for band erosion , but it happened to me. I cannot begin to tell you all how much sadness I feel and hurt that I have to go through this. I am just asking for anyone on here to just help me get through this and I really need some good support right now. I wish all of you the greatest success with your band . It has brought me great hope for the first time in my life to experience this kind of weight loss, and now it has alos given me such sadness but I was assured that this erosion was not about anything I did or the doctors did , it was just my body rejecting the band and now I must get it fixed. and hopefully continue my weight loss journey with this little interuption.

I would appreciate any any support from anyone and also if anyone else out there has gone through an erosion and still been successful


Jennifer Pedigo

Dr Ortiz 08/22/2003

300/225/150 someday


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Jenn have you tried joing ErodedBandsters inYahoo? There are alot of wome there with experience in Erosion who can maybe answer some of your questions for you. I am so sorry you are going through this, just know Iam here for you with any thing I can do for you. You were there for me the day of my surgery and I will always appreciate you for that.

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Oh Jennifer! I am so sorry to hear of your band problems!

On the 6 month weight loss worries: how about trying to do a diet that had previously promoted weight loss? Even if it was one you yo-yo'ed from it will work for the 6 months that you need it to before getting your band back!

Good luck to you!!! I hope all goes well!


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:o I am so sorry to hear about the erosion but I am thankful that you caught it before harm could have come to you.

Six months seems like eternity, but it isn't. Get on weight watchers or some type of group with support and then if you want the band, go back and get it.

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