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Hey folks! I have great news and not so great news. The great news is that I've passed my goal weight. My goal was 160 and I'm now 158. I'm ecstatic. The not so great news is that I've been in pain recently. I had an endoscopy done the other day and was told that I have gastritis. Naturally, I came home and googled it and vaguely remember reading about it when I was researching the lapband. So I'm in pain. Is this something that I will need to manage as long as my band is tight (it's comfortably tight), or this something that I can get rid of? I'm very unhappy. My doctor gave me some gas tablets, and some stuff to help with the constipation that I'm also suffering from. I've read that spicy foods don't help, but my pain doesn't seem to discrimintate. I've even had pain after drinking water. It doesn't happen everytime I eat or drink, but about 80% of the time. What do others do to control this? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



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Hi Robyn,

I also have gastritis and have had it for many years after my daughter was born. Mine was ibuprofen induced. I have controlled mine by taking Prilosec OTC. Mine tends to come and go with stress, certain foods and drinks such as orange juice or pop, acidic foods and drinks basically. I cannot take any medications that are called NSAIDS - ibuprofen, aspirin, Aleeve, Advil. It has gotten much better since being banding and I stopped drinking pop when I was banded. Once you get past the first initial acute phase it will get better. It can be quite painful so I feel for you. Hope you get to feeling better soon.

Take care,


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I have a severe sensitivity to NSAIDS too but I was never told it was gastritis. I was just told not to take any Nsaids after attacks landed me in emergency three or four times. I had this before the band, so I've been off Nsaids for years but remember reding an article once that said people with bands should avoid taking nsaids in general- can't remember why but I will look for the article. So many over-the-counter meds are n-saids so it's a real pain. Luckliy, as long as I don't take them, I have no problems with pain.

Sorry to hear you are going through this. Another thing to look in to is gallstones since gastritis and gallbladder attacks can present themselves in similar ways. Tons of people on here who are/were overweight (including me) have had to get their gallbladders removed. My doc (who can be a little insensitive) calls it the "3 F's disease"...affecting people who are fat, fertile, or forty-ish.


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