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I am concerned...I can drink too much

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My husband and I had our fill done at the same time. I can drink twice as much soup and drinkable yougurt as him. Is there something wrong...can you stretch your pouch with liquids?

I suppose you can. I would think it would be caused from being at a good level of restriction and drinking a good size volumn to stretch your pouch. Everyone is so different with fills....I know it is hard not to compair yourselves, but try not to.

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I was under the impression liquids don't stay in your pouch like solid food does, which is why you are supposed to eat solid food with the band and not liquids. If you are on a post-fill diet then of course liquids are good, but don't judge your restriction by the amount of LIQUIDS you can drink, because the band does not stop liquids from going in your stomach like it does with solid foods.

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